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The Great British Care Awards are a series of regional events throughout the UK and are a celebration of excellence across the care sector.  The purpose of the awards are to pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work.

There are twenty-one awards categories available for nomination, which represent all areas of the social care sector, whether it be older people or specialist services, residential or home care. From frontline staff such as care workers and care managers to people who have made an impact in other ways such as training and innovation.

The awards are all-inclusive, bringing together the statutory, independent and voluntary sectors, as well as unpaid carers; promoting joint working. Working in partnership with care partners and local care associations is at the heart of the initiative; working and linking directly with local managers and networks to further promote the event.
We were delighted to bring home The Dignity in Care Award for Yorkshire and The Humber.
We were given the award for demonstrating the significance of maximising client independence, whilst respecting and maintaining privacy and dignity at all times.
We demonstrated the significance of maximising client independence and choice, whilst respecting and maintaining privacy and dignity at all times.

To win, we had to show excellence in the following criteria:

  • Being able to explain what we mean by dignity.
  • Explaining ways to influence others to enhance the dignity agenda (Rights, choices, respect etc.)
  • Providing services that protect, support and promote the dignity in health or social care contexts, in particular, services that encourage respect, privacy, self-esteem, social inclusion and autonomy.
  • Show examples of making a difference to individuals or organizations – sometimes against the odds!
  • Show plans to further improve what we do and the reasons why.
  • Demonstrated the importance of a team approach in achieving improvements in the Dignity Agenda.
  • Identified the skills/attitudes/training needed by staff
  • Demonstrated the benefits of this approach for clients and staff.
  • Feedback was given by the people involved and/or people receiving services.
  • And show how we use being a dignity champion in our work.

We were also nominated for The Care Home Activity Organiser Award.


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We’re holding regular friendship groups at The Ball in Crookes on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 12-3pm.

Join us for an opportunity to meet friends, share memories and enjoy entertainment in a casual setting.

Tickets cost just £7 and include a two-course meal, games and raffles and live entertainment.

The Ball’s address is 126 Crookes Road, S10 5BE. For bookings or enquiries please contact Emma: or phone her on 0114 2583802.


Buying Valium Online Reviews

The students from Sheffield University have been visiting us to provide chair exercise and games sessions.

Their social enterprise, called Motion, improves the mental, physical and emotional health and well-being of residents in local care homes. Motion provides innovative physical exercise classes inspired by dance and games, to create modern, inspiring and imaginative sessions for elderly people.

The project was developed by Enactus Sheffield. Enactus is a non-profit organisation that operates in 58 universities across the UK, providing a platform for student-led teams to create community development projects whilst developing their own leadership skills.

Sarah Bell, Biomedical Science student at the University of Sheffield and Managing Director of Enactus Sheffield, said: “Not only are we helping people to improve mobility with the exercises – which are adapted to meet individual needs – but we are also enhancing their emotional well-being and reducing social isolation.

“It is so heart-warming to hear from staff and the family of the residents about the difference the sessions are making”

The sessions include a range of chair, supported and standing based activities and postural stability exercises which are designed to help reduce trips and falls. They are hosted by fully trained instructors with the support of student volunteers from the University of Sheffield.

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Heeley City Farm have a special dementia department, which run nature-based art workshops at our care home.

The workshops combine natural, art and sensory materials. The focus is on the present moment and the activities provide opportunities to explore creativity, learn new skills and promote social interaction (on verbal and non-verbal levels).

Each workshop is inclusive and tailored specifically to the abilities of each participant.

Heeley City Farm also has a ‘farming comes to you’ initiative where they take the animals from the Farm and take them to our care setting, for Animal Assisted Therapy sessions so that we can interact with animals. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) has had research into it to find the benefits for people with dementia. AAT has proven to help relieve symptoms in people with dementia, most notably, agitation and anxiousness. Animal interactions can have a calming effect on people and someone with dementia who might not necessarily communicate their agitation can show a more calmed demeanour.

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying their visits!


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Reminiscence based virtual reality is a special therapy using a virtual reality headset. It shows our residents scenes of Sheffield as clear as day, helping them to remember happy times from their childhood or youth. Virtual reality can be a big benefit to people who struggle with their memory. It’s also great fun! We love how accessible new technology is becoming and how anyone can enjoy it.

It triggered a lot of stories and anecdotes and we found the experience to be so positive that we’ve booked another session in September.

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Our Summer Fayre was a big hit! We enjoyed hook-a-duck, a tombola, raffle, guess the weight of the cake, guess the name of the bear, and some of our residents made some lovely goodies for everyone to share. At the end of the day, Alex John sung for us and we had a dance. Luckily the weather was glorious.

Thanks to you, we raised over £400 for our activities fund!


Here’s a gallery of our residents keeping busy making lemon curd, pickled beetroot and other treats in preparation for the fayre.



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We’re planning to take part in a sponsored walk in Clumber Park to help raise money for The Alzheimer’s Society. Every pound raise helps The Alzheimer’s Society fund new research, providing precious support to more people and brings us closer to a world without dementia.

We’d love for family and friends to join us, if you’d like to take part all you need to do is register using Buy Diazepam Online Eu.

September is Alzheimer’s awareness month, so we’ll be doing everything we can to raise awareness, as well as fundraise.

Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter In Australia

We’re very excited to announce that our monthly lunch group is now weekly! We’ve had such a good uptake and so many new faces are attending, so we decided to make it a more regular event.

If you or a loved one is feeling isolated and struggling to get out and about, why not come along? You can play cards with us, have a chit chat and have a two course meal and maybe even a cheeky pint. We’re aiming to reduce loneliness and isolation in our community. Everyone is welcome to join us, it costs £30 and the includes your meal and return transport.

Some of the people who join us haven’t left the house in a long time, and we’re very glad we can support them in their new friendships.

For more details about how to join us, Buy Star Diazepam

Buy Valium Pills Online

The other day Anna, our activities co-ordinator brought in her pet rats Bobby and Caleb and her guinea pigs Penelope and Henrietta for everyone to meet and have a cuddle with. Cuddling a fury friend is a great stress reliever and they were such funny little fellows! It’s hard to believe that some people are scared of rats, we think if they met Bobby and Caleb they would certainly get over their fear. If you have a pet we’d love to meet them, please contact our care home team to arrange a meeting. Valium Online Shop