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We very much enjoyed watching some beautiful Indian folk dancing performed by a lovely dancer the other week. We also had a go at dancing ourselves! Many of our residents love to dance and it’s so fun learning about other cultures. Some of our visitors joined in too, it was such a lovely afternoon. Dancing is a great way to socialise and keep active.



Buy Diazepam Msj

Carers Week (11th – 17th of June) is a time for individuals and organisations to celebrate carers, both paid and unpaid and raise awareness of the issues they face.

This carers week, we are looking at the ways in which we can support carers to stay healthy and connected. By building communities to support carers, we can help carers to look after their loved ones well, and also recognise that they are individuals with health and social needs of their own.

We have made a pledge to Carers Week 2018:

As part of our pledge to carers, we are running a special event in partnership with one of our favourite venues, The Old School Cafe, which is open to all carers. The coffee and cake afternoon will be a chance for carers to get out and socialise with other people in their situation. For more details see our Order Valium Canada

The event is on the 14th June at 1-3pm.

Stay connected online by using the hashtag #carersweek2018 on social media.


Buying Valium Online Uk

On Saturday we had a wonderful time celebrating the royal wedding. We had decorations and fancy dress, coffee and cake. Some of our family members came to visit and Andy Cahill came down to play his saxophone for us.

We had such a good time, and it was lovely to see the new Duchess looking so happy in her posh Givenchy dress. We wish all the best of luck to Meghan and Harry!

Purchasing Valium Online

Buy Indian Valium

We’d like to give a special thanks to all our hard working and dedicated home care staff, and also to you, for giving us top ratings on To help our home care staff keep getting the recognition they deserve. Please take a minute to leave us a Valium Buying Online

Or, if your loved one lives or stays with us here at the care home, Buy D10 Valium Online

Buy Real Valium

The long winter which crept into spring didn’t hold us back too much at Twelve Trees, all our home care staff Buy Real Diazepam Uk, and we planned lots of activities to do in the warm such as a trip out to Buy Valium Next Day Deliveryand a getting a visit from the Cheap Valium Online Australia.

We sure have been enjoying these scorching summer days though, sitting out in our lovely garden – eating ice lollies and having a cheeky shandy! It is so nice to just relax in the sunshine. The sun is so good for our health and mood.

Valium Prescriptions Online

The Easter Bunny has visited us here at Twelve Trees, and we got plenty of chocolate at breakfast!

In the run up to the occasion we did lots and lots of crafting. We made some Easter bonnets, some easter gifts which we sold to raise money for our activities fund, decorated an Easter tree and did some indoor gardening.



We also celebrated Mothers Day and had a coffee and cake event which we invited all our friends and family to. However, we were having so much fun we forgot to take any photos!

Cheap Valium For Sale

We’ve started attending dementia friendly cinema experiences at The Light Cinema in Sheffield. The dementia friendly screenings are programmed in partnership with a project called ‘A Life More Ordinary’ which aims to improve the lives of people with dementia or memory loss and their carers. The film screenings are shown in an adapted environment. Pre-screening refreshments are also provided compliments of Iceland Foods!

We love how the screenings are of films that our residents enjoyed when they were younger. We’ve been to see South Pacific, and future screenings are of: Guys and Dolls, 42nd Street, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Casablanca. The dementia friendly cinema experience takes place once a month. We can’t wait to go back next month!

We even enjoyed some ice cream and chocolate. You can’t beat an authentic cinema experience, it’s much better than watching the telly at home!

Buy Diazepam London

This week we had quite the experience! Simon visited us and brought his mini zoo along. Many of us got to experience petting an animal that we had never even seen in real life before.

Plenty of our residents got up close and personal with a variety of animals such as turtles, lizards, snakes and even a tarantula!

Our families were quite surprised that their loved ones had been brave enough to hold a giant spider, but we’re an intrepid bunch!



Valium Online

This week we celebrated nutrition and hydration week at Twelve Trees.

Nutrition and Hydration Week aims to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally. We know the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of fresh water!

To encourage fun and education around the subject, we played a game where we had to guess what the fruit was purely by feeling it. We also got to taste a lot of different fruits that we’d never tried before!

Take a look at our picture gallery, we had a lot of fun!