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We’ve had some terrible weather this month, and sometimes it’s nice to stay warm and cosy indoors. Bearing this in mind, we’ve planned lots of indoor activities this month to keep us all entertained.

We’ve done a lot of baking, particularly for our Mothers Day coffee morning. Baking is the perfect activity for dreary weather because it’s certainly given us the appetite for cakes, bread and pastries!


We’ve been playing lots of games, including animal bingo!


We’ve been doing some flower arranging, which is a lovely activity to remind us that spring is on its way. And we also have a beautiful gift to give our family at the end of it!


The fabulous girls from Motion came to lead us through some ‘armchair aerobics’, helping us to keep fit – at any mobility level. We even got to sing along to some of our favourite songs.

We made some cards for our friends and family.

But although we did keep busy indoors, we still got out to some of our favourite (warm) venues like The Hardy Pick and The Old School Cafe.


We had a great month and we have even more planned in March. Take a look at our Buying Valium In India to find out what we’re getting up to.


Valium Where To Buy In The Uk

We’re always looking for ways to improve the lives of our service users. So we decided to start a lunch group!

Our first lunch group was held at The Shiny Sheff at Lodge Moore. It’s a great place with good facilities and we particularly like the conservatory which can open out when the weather is nice. (Which hopefully won’t be too long!)

We took four of our service users, who had a great time playing cards and dominos. We spent three hours there; eating, chatting and laughing.

We all had a two-course meal and a drink for just £5.99 each! The menu had a lot of choices, including some favourites; burgers, fish and chips and gammon.

All in all, our first lunch group was a success. We got great feedback from our service users and their families. We plan to roll out more lunch groups, starting with one a month. It’s great to get out the house for a few hours and we’re excited to move forward with our new project!





Can You Buy Valium In Australia

Mother Nature can’t stop our Home Care team at Twelve Trees!  The last week of February has been a winter wonderland, with many of our clients snowed in but still in need of their regular care.  We love opportunities to go the extra mile for our clients and residents!   So, our Home Care Team put their boots on and traveled the snowy slopes of Sheffield to make all scheduled appointments – even our owner was driving the team around and greeting our beloved clients with a warm smile to break the cold!

Buy Diazepam Overnight Delivery

On January 27th we visited Montgomery Hall to watch Robinson Cursoe with a few of our residents and day care clients! Anna, our activities coordinator brought her little boy Rory as well, which the ladies loved. They even included us in the performance by squirting water at us from behind! (we were sat on the balcony). It was a fabulous day :-)


Research has shown that performing arts has health benefits for the elderly? A survey showed that 3/4 of adults aged over 65 felt arts and culture were important to their happiness.

Another study showed that 57% of elderly adults said that arts and culture encouraged them to get out and about, as well as be more social!

Ordering Valium Online

January was a particularly challenging month, with the start of a new year, increased calls and bad weather.  Pat, who joined our Home Care Team in June of last year, was an exceptional member of the Twelve Trees Team!  She picked up multiple last-minute calls and made difficult weather restricted journeys to make sure our clients were cared for and safe, no matter what mother nature threw at us!  Because after all, we are in a special position where our clients need us, snow or sleet.

Well done Pat, thank you for your spectacular service to our clients!

Buy Diazepam 10Mg India

We’ve kicked off 2018 with lots of exciting activities and new programmes! Of course, that was after a great NYE party to bid farewell to a great 2017 :D

With the help of our friend Grace, we’ve started an enrichment programme at Twelve Trees. A few times a month, Grace and a friend come into the home to pamper residents with a day of relaxation and beauty. It was a real hit! As the programme grows, we will share more information on how we are integrating it into Twelve Trees.

We also went to see the Panto-Robinson Crusoe, as one of our manager’s daughters was in the show! We got the VIP treatment, of course ;-)

Why wait for the monthly newsletter? Follow us and your family members on Facebook! Click Buying Valium Online Uk and ‘like’.

Valium Order Online Uk

We’ve teamed up with ‘Enrichment for the Elderly’, a fantastic cause that aims to dispel all negativity around aging. They do this through a number of creative programmes which are designed to bring a new light to the way we interact with the elderly.

It’s not only for adults, they’re for children as well, to raise a better understanding and awareness of how important our elderly are to our families and communities.

Workshops can be anything from art, drama productions, personal health and more. It’s really about finding the best programme for each group.

An article in Buy Valium Next Day Delivery notes that the aging brain resembles a highly creative brain, in that they score better on tests of crystallised IQ and are more distractible than the younger brain. This may sound negative but in fact, the study concludes that this means the elderly are actually better at distracting information to solve problems – an important element of mental health and dealing with dementia. Creativity also improves attention span and overall level of happiness.

To read more about the programme, visit: Cheap Valium Online Australia

Buy Valium Au

We’ve been busy! 
Most Monday’s we do baking at Twelve Trees! Baking Mondays – We have made this a weekly event because so many enjoy it. This month we have made pizza, coconut and jam tarts, a fruit loaf, cheese scones. We also tested our new mince pie maker! 

We also had a new entertainer come in – ‘Singing by Alex John’. He was a great hit! So we will be booking him in for after the new year.

We kept busy flower arranging, this activity is a hit with our residents and not only do we have an extra splash of colour in the lounge, residents also take the vases of flowers to their rooms.

And finally, we got into the Christmas spirit and decorated some felt Christmas trees!

Cheap Valium For Sale

January is a busy time for most, with wrapping up the Christmas period, new years resolutions and getting ready for the year to come. However, in the weeks to come, it may be challenging to find the time to care for your loved ones suffering from dementia, who also need help planning ahead.

A survey from the Buy Valium Pills Online asked people living with dementia to share their resolutions for the new year. Below are a few examples from this list we think may be helpful for families, to help their loved ones get the most out of the year to come:

“Reach out to friends and family I’ve lost contact with”– part of good mental health is keeping contact with familiar people and loved ones.

“Spend more time with my children and grandchildren” – It is easy to feel isolated and alone with dementia. Making a list or monthly schedule for your loved one will help them keep in contact and enjoy time with family.

“More gardening” – Gardening is GREAT for mental and physical health. Studies have reported benefits of horticulture therapy in the reduction of pain, improvement in attention, stress reduction and modulation of agitation.

“Join balanced exercise groups” – it can be difficult for dementia patients to maintain schedules or organise classes. If you are unable to find the time to arrange a class schedule for your loved ones, home care providers are able to help with this as well.

This upcoming 2018, don’t forget to speak with shared friends and family about progress in your loved one’s dementia conditions. For more information on supporting loved ones with dementia, contact your local NHS dementia support network.