An important update about how we are managing Coronavirus

We would firstly like to reassure all our families, friends and visitors that we are at this time making every effort to maintain the health, welfare and happiness of the people living in our care and to ensure their lives are as unaffected as possible and will continue to do so during this time.

However, I have taken the decision to ask our visitors to limit visits to the home to essential visits only. This is not a decision we have taken likely, but we feel it is our responsibility to protect those who are most vulnerable and at-risk and that’s those who are in our care.

In 24 years of providing care, we have only ever closed our doors to visitors twice. However, we have to balance the health and welfare of not only the people we care for but also of those doing the caring. Therefore, we are asking our visitors to limit visits to the home as much as possible. We appreciate that this is not an ideal situation and we have thought very hard about it and the impact on our residents and the effect of social isolation and interaction. However, we feel in the circumstances we need to put these restrictions in place due to the significant risk and vulnerability of our residents, and the potential impact on our staff in the event of an outbreak. We feel that by reducing the number of visitors to our home we hope to mitigate some of the risks to our residents and staff are exposed to.

If you still feel that your visit to the home is necessary please be aware we will be restricting visiting times. We will be asking visitors to pre-arrange visits with us so our staff know you are coming and can instruct you with any special precautions you may need to take during your visit. Please ring before visiting to check it is still okay to do so.  We will also limit the number of visitors in the home, so it may be that staff ask you to come at a certain time so we don’t have large numbers of people in the home at the same time.

Visting times will be:
Monday to Friday 10 am to 12 noon and 17.00-19.00

We are asking that visitors are limited to one person per visit and to a maximum of 20 minutes.

We have recently upgraded our phone system to get a better signal throughout our building so if your relative or friend can be called by phone this is a great way to keep in contact during this period.

There may be circumstances where we would allow visitors outside these times, especially if someone is ill or at the end of life. We would ask visitors to follow certain guidelines when visiting to help protect or residents, staff and guests.

In the unfortunate situation that we do have a diagnosed case of Coronavirus/Covid 19 in Twelvetrees, we will need to stop visiting completely and we will advise you of this if this situation occurs.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding at this time and hope that you will all help and support us in our efforts to protect and care for our ladies and gentlemen.

These restrictions are now in force and we will review our visiting protocol weekly, or if and when we receive any further or changed advice.