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We’ve had some terrible weather this month, and sometimes it’s nice to stay warm and cosy indoors. Bearing this in mind, we’ve planned lots of indoor activities this month to keep us all entertained.

We’ve done a lot of baking, particularly for our Mothers Day coffee morning. Baking is the perfect activity for dreary weather because it’s certainly given us the appetite for cakes, bread and pastries!


We’ve been playing lots of games, including animal bingo!


We’ve been doing some flower arranging, which is a lovely activity to remind us that spring is on its way. And we also have a beautiful gift to give our family at the end of it!


The fabulous girls from Motion came to lead us through some ‘armchair aerobics’, helping us to keep fit – at any mobility level. We even got to sing along to some of our favourite songs.

We made some cards for our friends and family.

But although we did keep busy indoors, we still got out to some of our favourite (warm) venues like The Hardy Pick and The Old School Cafe.


We had a great month and we have even more planned in March. Take a look at our March activity calendar to find out what we’re getting up to.