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January is a busy time for most, with wrapping up the Christmas period, new years resolutions and getting ready for the year to come. However, in the weeks to come, it may be challenging to find the time to care for your loved ones suffering from dementia, who also need help planning ahead.

A survey from the British Columbia Alzheimers Society asked people living with dementia to share their resolutions for the new year. Below are a few examples from this list we think may be helpful for families, to help their loved ones get the most out of the year to come:

“Reach out to friends and family I’ve lost contact with”– part of good mental health is keeping contact with familiar people and loved ones.

“Spend more time with my children and grandchildren” – It is easy to feel isolated and alone with dementia. Making a list or monthly schedule for your loved one will help them keep in contact and enjoy time with family.

“More gardening” – Gardening is GREAT for mental and physical health. Studies have reported benefits of horticulture therapy in the reduction of pain, improvement in attention, stress reduction and modulation of agitation.

“Join balanced exercise groups” – it can be difficult for dementia patients to maintain schedules or organise classes. If you are unable to find the time to arrange a class schedule for your loved ones, home care providers are able to help with this as well.

This upcoming 2018, don’t forget to speak with shared friends and family about progress in your loved one’s dementia conditions. For more information on supporting loved ones with dementia, contact your local NHS dementia support network.