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We’ve teamed up with ‘Enrichment for the Elderly’, a fantastic cause that aims to dispel all negativity around aging. They do this through a number of creative programmes which are designed to bring a new light to the way we interact with the elderly.

It’s not only for adults, they’re for children as well, to raise a better understanding and awareness of how important our elderly are to our families and communities.

Workshops can be anything from art, drama productions, personal health and more. It’s really about finding the best programme for each group.

An article in Psychology Today notes that the aging brain resembles a highly creative brain, in that they score better on tests of crystallised IQ and are more distractible than the younger brain. This may sound negative but in fact, the study concludes that this means the elderly are actually better at distracting information to solve problems – an important element of mental health and dealing with dementia. Creativity also improves attention span and overall level of happiness.

To read more about the programme, visit: enrichmentfortheelderly.org/