Visits from Heeley City Farm

Heeley City Farm have a special dementia department, which run nature-based art workshops at our care home.

The workshops combine natural, art and sensory materials. The focus is on the present moment and the activities provide opportunities to explore creativity, learn new skills and promote social interaction (on verbal and non-verbal levels).

Each workshop is inclusive and tailored specifically to the abilities of each participant.

Heeley City Farm also has a ‘farming comes to you’ initiative where they take the animals from the Farm and take them to our care setting, for Animal Assisted Therapy sessions so that we can interact with animals. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) has had research into it to find the benefits for people with dementia. AAT has proven to help relieve symptoms in people with dementia, most notably, agitation and anxiousness. Animal interactions can have a calming effect on people and someone with dementia who might not necessarily communicate their agitation can show a more calmed demeanour.

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying their visits!